Epycly is currently a developer preview which means that it is not ready for production use quite yet.

We recommend that you only use Epycly for testing, development, and internal services until the software platform is fully baked.

We are working on both the Epycly hosting platform and waiting to integrate LTS versions of the Linux kernel and Ubuntu that fully support AMD EPYC™ when they are released.

Ubuntu 18.04

Epycly currently uses Ubuntu 17.10 with the generic Linux Kernel 4.15. This custom image was necessary to get the best possible AMD EPYC™ support but this software is still very early stage. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will have most of the same features but they will have been subjected to further testing and refinement and will be in a stable LTS package.

Linux Kernel 4.16

4.16 is the next version of the Linux Kernel which will be the first to support Secure Encrypted Virtualization - a key security feature that is unique to AMD EPYC™ processors and gives them a significant security advantage over Intel processors when used for public cloud offerings.

AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization Is Ready To Roll With Linux 4.16

Ubuntu is planning to release 18.04 with the 4.15 kernel so 4.16 availability with Ubuntu will come sometime after the release of 18.04.


QEMU is the hypervisor that is used, along with KVM and libvirt to provide the VM hosting environment that Epycly is built on. Supporting Secure Encrypted Virtualization requires updates to QEMU which are currently in progress but not yet complete


Epycly Platform

During the developer preview phase we will continue to refine the Epycly Platform, fix bugs as they are found, and add additional features.

Additional features that we are working on include:

As we get feedback from users during the developer preview we will continue to add to and prioritize this list.

Production Epycly Platform - 3Q 2018

Based on the roadmaps of the open source software we rely on and our own internal development time it is likely that the complete production Epycly Platform will be ready in early third quarter 2018.